XIIth International Conference “Mining Techniques” TUR 2022

Shodno potpisanom bilateralnom sporazumu između Univerziteta u Tuzli i Univerziteta AGH Krakov, obavještavamo studente i nastavno osoblje o održavanju međunarodne rudarske konferencije TUR 2022, o kojoj više informacije možete saznati u pozivnom pismu u nastavku:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have the honour to invite You once more again to attend XIIth International Conference “Mining Techniques” TUR 2022, which will be held on 20-23th September 2022 in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland. Invitation for the Conference is attached in the PDF files. Detailed information for participation are available on the Conference website http://www.tur.agh.edu.pl. If You are interested in participating in the Conference or submitting the presentation, please register on the Conference Web site or send me the mail. Please also contact us if You need more information about the Conference. Due to the great interest in the participation in Conference and the need to book accommodation and prepare the Conference program, we kindly ask you to report your willingness to participate in the Conference TUR 2022 and the title of a presented paper as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Chairman of Organizing Committee Conference “TUR 2022”

PhD. Eng. AGH Professor Krzysztof Kotwica

AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow

Department of Machinery Engineering and Transport

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