Reminder and background documents for the Conference ‘Soil SDGs: Challenges and need for action’

Dear participants;

The Soil SDGs Conference is in less than two weeks, so we thought it is time for a reminder!

We are looking forward to welcome you on November 25th.

We would also like to use this opportunity to send you important information regarding the conference and the project.

Attached to this mail, you will find:

*   The interim report to be finalised in the coming months,
*   Its executive summary
*   Agenda of the day
*   Practical information regarding the venue and the conference.

Please review them so we can have a more fruitful exchange on the day of the conference.
Please also feel free to provide comments on the report.

Looking forward to your inputs!

Best regards

Conference organisation team
Milieu Consulting SPRL
Chaussée de Charleroi 112  |  Brussels 1060 | Belgium
T. + 32 2 506 1000

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