20th ISRM online lecture by Prof.Milton Kanji

Dear ISRM Members and Rock Mechanics Colleagues,

For the 20th ISRM Online Lecture the ISRM invited Professor Milton Kanji, from Brazil. The title of the lecture is “Dam Foundations affected by Geological Aspects”. It will broadcast on Tuesday, 12th December at 10 AM GMT and will remain available in a dedicated webpage.

Milton Kanji graduated in Geology in 1960 from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He obtained his M.Sc. at the University of Illinois, USA, in 1970, in Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics, having Prof. Don Deere as his advisor, and obtained the title of Doctor in Geological Sciences from the Institute of Geosciences, University of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1973. After extensive examinations in Geotechnics, he obtained the title of Associate Professor in the specialty of Earth Works, from the Polytechnic School of Engineering, University of São Paulo, in 2000.

Prof. Kanji always acted in the academic field as well as in the professional practice.

Since 1964, initially at the Institute of Geosciences and then at the Polytechnic School of Engineering, he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Engineering Geology, Geotechnics and Rock Mechanics, until his retirement in 2008. His research covered the investigation of shear strength of soil-rock interfaces, residual friction angles, dam foundation treatment, rock mechanics in situ and laboratory testing, subsoil improvement, slope stability, debris flows protection works, among other topics.

In the field of professional practice, he was involved in many cases of dam foundations, soil and rock slopes, tunnels in rock and special foundations, namely for nuclear power plants. He started working in 1961 at Geotecnica S.A. under Prof. Victor de Mello. From 1973 to 1979 was head of the Rock Mechanics Department at Promon Engenharia, where he worked in the design of the Itaipu Main Dam, Água Vermelha Hydroelectrical Project and some other projects. After a partnership in the firm GH Engenharia, in 1983 he started to work as an independent consultant. From 1987 to 1993 he was Technical Director of the International Branch of Geotecnica S.A. In the last decades he has been asked frequently to act as a panel member in hydroelectric projects and in forensic engineering and as an expert for insurers and adjusters of engineering losses. Presently he is involved in the analysis of the Fundão Tailings Dam that failed in 2015 among other cases.

Prof. Milton Kanji has been involved in the ISRM since the early days of his career. He was the ISRM Vice President for South America from 1974 to 1979. Since 2011 he has been the President of the ISRM Commission on Soft Rocks. In 2013 he became a member of the restricted group of ISRM Fellows.

Previous ISRM Online Lectures were given by Wulf Schubert, John Hudson, Pierre Dufaut, Eduardo Alonso, John Read, Herbert Einstein, Shunsuke Sakurai, Resat Ulusay, Dick Stacey, Jean Sulem, Nick Barton, Ove Stephansson, Peter Kaiser, Walter Wittke, Nielen van der Merwe, Giovanni Barla, Charles Fairhurst, Marc Panet and Xia-Ting Feng.

The lecture will remain online so that those unable to attend at this time will be able to do it later. As usual, the attendees will be able to ask questions to the lecturer by e-mail during the subsequent five days. The video will be available from this page.

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